Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Equinox - March 2013

Blessings to this auspicious day -
An Equinox welcoming in the spring,
and in other lands,
ushering in the fall.

A time for warming the blood -
Moving the old bones in the heightening sun,
or searching out that hibernating cave.

Whichever way you are welcoming this day,
it is a turning point.
And from here, nothing will remain the same.
Welcome what this day has to offer,
and feel its blessings
in your heart of hearts.


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Personal Evolution
Poem by Mushroom Montoya

Each and every day
Is a turning point.
In my personal evolution.
I choose which way,
How much,
And what intensity
I put into
The turn I am making.
When I awaken each morning
I choose to be
What choice would that be?
I can choose to be
Grateful that I am still here,
Still breathing
Still taking opportunities to
Direct the flow
Of my personal evolution.
Or not.
I can choose to be
Pulled, or pushed, or prodded
Into the next moment
And its consequence.
I can choose to take the helm
Of my moments
Of my thoughts,
Of my emotions,
And see,
Really see,
That I am evolving
Into a being
That realizes,
And radiates
The divine light
That we all are
Re-evolving into.