Friday, December 25, 2009

In the desert where I live, it is a bit colder than usual for this time of year.
The snow has come and has gone,
robing the Mountain in majestic white.

I was not going to write something to send out this year,
but as Mr. Lennon once said,
Life is what happens
when you are busy making other plans...

He also once suggested that we give Peace a chance,
and encouraged us to see and vision
- to imagine -
a world in which all of us could experience true oneness,
happiness and joy.

Today, I beheld that wonderful diversity of the place where I live

And remembered.......

This is the one season of the year
in which so many diverse peoples
in so many parts of the planet
in the many wonderful ways
the coming and returning of Light.

In this time of year,
all of the holidays,
no matter what their origin,
or who borrowed what,
represent the global gathering of souls,
past and present,
who found reason to be especially aware
of the giftedness of life.
It is truly a magnificent celebration of life itself.

I celebrate with all of you,
in the many ways this time
and our many beliefs
call for us to celebrate,
and truly,
from my heart,
wish you wonder,
joy and peace
during this time of remembering
our unity and oneness.

To all the Web of Life,
I greet you as Sister and Kin.


Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thanksgiving Greeting

My life this time around has spanned almost 60 years.
That will seen like so few years to some,

To others, I am old.

And in reflecting upon those years,

I can truly and honestly say -

My hear is filled with gratitude

for the blessings

The challenges

The many ups and downs,

ins and outs,

The beauty and richness

of the way
of my spirit
for what I have contributed
to others, my communities
and the planet -
in both challenge and blessing

Today, I will stand by the Ocean

and seek Her stillness,

Knowing that the unending waves

are but the expression of her own gift
of life, passion
and great Mystery.

Blessings to you today.

May this time be the reminder

that we are more than what the day will offer us.

And enjoying the time with friends, families, co-workers

and others who are part of our journey in this life,

we all can find that stillness of deep gratitude

that moves our lives closer
to the
expression and reality
who we truly are.

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving


Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Little Reminder

You know, there are time when we just need to hear something positive. So here goes:

Today, I am in Santa Fe, NM. Sitting in Starbucks, checking e-mail, doing some internet work, and enjoying a Vente Chai. "Ad Gurey Name" is playing on iTunes, and the sun is shining through the windows. Folks are gathered for a Saturday morning sip of java, or that ever-tempting blueberry muffin...

And I am reminded, looking around the place, just how precious we all are. Each of us. In our diversity, our laughter, and even our venting (going on at the table next to mine).

Always remember, we are Light! We are brilliant and radiant Presence. And we do make a difference, no matter what our situations may be. I know this to be true, and I reverence each one of you, as sacred, beautiful, and wondrous Being.

I am continually amazed at the capacity of the human spirit, and the capacity of Earth to bring through her divine compassion through the simplest of gestures. It is a blessing to be present to this sacred event - the awakening of heart. And I wish for each one who reads this a day of marvelous enjoyment of simply being alive in these miraculous times.

You are miracle - creation steeped in the deep wisdom of our species, breaking through the trance into a bright and radiant awareness of Love personified. It is Who we are - our Destiny - to be that very Awareness.

Take heart in the struggles of the day. It is only for a passing time. Look to the Light that is within, and celebrate your True Self. Take time to remember your divinity, and share that divine impulse with all that is in your sphere. You shine. With a beauty that dazzles and awakens.

You who have lost someone today, be at peace in the awareness that this passing is both release and blessing.

You who struggle with addiction, know that the learning you have gained will bless not only your own life, but that of others as well. Stay in the moment, and let the hurt wash from you like Rain on the Mountainside.

You who wonder at the decision before you, take heart. Your choice that you ponder is the right one for you at this time. You are learning to trust yourself again, and yours is the blessings of knowing your self.

Blessings to you - each one you are very special, and each one inseparable from the One.

Love is the Heart and Soul of Who We Are
Compassion is that unifying energy that reminds us of this reality.
Peace is that state of inner stillness amidst the turmoil
Joy is that wonder we all have.

Nurture who you are today!

Blessings and love,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection and Beyond

There is a saying:
"The sun always rises"
and we know this to be true,
but our knowledge is based in
experience of seeing a sunrise -
Experiencing it each day
since our kind came into being.

We have attributed it to many beliefs:
The loving compassion of a higher Source,
Science and astronomy,
or many we have simply taken it for granted.
But yes, it does return.

The ancient Egyptians believed that each evening,
the depleted Ra entered into a journey
of death and resurrection.
During this twelve hour quest,
Ra was subjected to numerous challenges.
This nightly journey cleaned and renewed
So that once again,
Ra emerged whole and vibrant,

radiant in the new dawn.

In the Jesus way, the journey was one of
recognizing Source from within.
"I am the way, truth, and life"
It was not an arrogant boast,
but the simple recognition of his True Self.

May this Resurrection Day
bring us also into this awareness
of our True Selves.
We pass through the realms
cleansing and renewal
and emerge once again filled with life -
brilliant and radiant.

As you are Light,
so let your light shine!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Between Death and Resurrection

This is Holy Saturday.
Jesus' followers acknowledge this time
as the waiting time
between his death and resurrection,
in the Tomb.

It calls us to reflect upon those times in our own lives
where we have died to something,
with the belief that we would rise again.
But the resurrection has not yet happened,
and we are left in that place of dark and quiet stillness.
It is in such a tomb
where we are faced with our inner selves -
and a time when we have the opportunity
to let fall away that which hold us back,
or holds us entrapped.

And we wait for the morning of light and freedom -
a rolling away of the stone, so to speak.

It is a wondrous time.
Alone in the dark stillness.
That place of potential - of new life waiting to come forth.
It is a seed time -
where what once was is transformed.
A time where what will be
is germinated and nurtured by that very stillness.

For those of you who celebrate this Mystery,
may this day be one of reflective listening
to the inmost stirring of your heart.
And for those who celebrate this time in other ways,
may it hold the blessings each tradition knows it to be.
Whatever your Path,
it is a holy and sacred time,
and it marks the passing
into new life.