Monday, August 13, 2007

Seeding the Heart

It seems that time is changing. Not only in a "global warming" way, but also in how we experience time itself. You can see it in the aging trees. Check the newer rings. There is much change going on. In our lifetime there will be the opportunity to learn that there is no separation between what we can see with our eyes and what we can see with our hearts. It is all there. Many already have this awareness within their bodies and minds but it seems the clouds gather over the mountain of the soul and it is not easy to see the sun through such a canopy.

Removing the canopy – letting the winds of awareness bring the sun’s rays – that is the task much needed. Just as the light of the sun hitting the planet is lessening in these times, so the light illuminating the soul of people, plants and animals – the planet itself.

We sense this and know it is time to take a look at how to bring that light back.

The heart is the entry-way into consciousness – not the mind, like so many currently think. It is that entry-way into each creature, each cell, that holds the balance. Look to the heart. Humankind knew this once. But when we turned away from that heart-center and sought the center of the mind, we lost our way. We held the memory of the heart-center in the mysticism of our holy people and saints. We revered the heart, but kept the mind superior. See how far away from awareness it has led?

Now it is time to re-seed the heart. Watch what happens. All things do this. Not just humans, all things. You will find that you cannot give words to heart, only describe how it feels like. Words do not matter in awakening of consciousness. You are reading words, but you know that when you stop reading you will come to a point of no-word. No-thought. Simply a state of knowing and being – knowing the connection and being that connection.