Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Conversation with a Land Spirit

"I live in the rise beyond the trees. I watch and see all that is around, and I see you."

Tell me something of hope for those who will read this.

"Tell of hope. I see my rocks laid bare as the softer stuff is blown away or washed away with wind and water. The life that clings to my surface clings with a robustness that allows it to flourish and grow strong roots that intertwine among my covered stone. You see some dead trees and waterless hillside, and I hold life itself. What you see and know is only a fleeting moment. Look beyond the moment and see the whole.

What you see is simply a moment in time. This was not always so, but has been carved and shaped and continues to be so changed. The hope is not in the appearance as it is, but in the trust that the process continues. It does continue, you know, and what seems apparent now, it is but a "now" and not the whole.

The process goes on in the way it has for more than you can remember in your form. You were here when it began, and you will be here also as it continues. As this changes, so you change also. But you still remain.

Hope is given. It is in your cells. It is integral to your constitution and governance of soul. You cannot depart from hope for you are never separate from it. You must remember this, because it is all too easy to think otherwise. But remember, you are more, and hope is not something you seek or find, it is simply there within your very being.

When you are who you are, it will be visible to you and to whatever is around you. Remember, it is not just your kind that this applies to, but all life, all spirit.

Remember this.