Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thanksgiving Greeting

My life this time around has spanned almost 60 years.
That will seen like so few years to some,

To others, I am old.

And in reflecting upon those years,

I can truly and honestly say -

My hear is filled with gratitude

for the blessings

The challenges

The many ups and downs,

ins and outs,

The beauty and richness

of the way
of my spirit
for what I have contributed
to others, my communities
and the planet -
in both challenge and blessing

Today, I will stand by the Ocean

and seek Her stillness,

Knowing that the unending waves

are but the expression of her own gift
of life, passion
and great Mystery.

Blessings to you today.

May this time be the reminder

that we are more than what the day will offer us.

And enjoying the time with friends, families, co-workers

and others who are part of our journey in this life,

we all can find that stillness of deep gratitude

that moves our lives closer
to the
expression and reality
who we truly are.

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving