Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So... how's your writing coming...?

A friend asked me that just the other day. I was embarrassed to admit I was having a lot of difficulty getting it started, although I have accumulated quite a few pages of material.

The person asking me that question is a published author, having written several books herself. She affirmed for me that getting a book started is one of the harder tasks in writing.

So, I came home re-committed to writing the book that, a year ago, I was convinced would be published by now. Still don't have the first line down, but I have decided to not let that be an issue.

I was told once (by the same person) that I needed to get the passion I have onto the page. That is the hardest part. Give me with a cup of tea and just mention the topics that interest me, and I can talk and share for days on end. Sit me down at a keyboard, and it is a whole different outcome.

Recording my workshops is an option. Tried that on several occasions. Problem is, I forget to turn the darned voice recorder on. That, I can work on.

And there's the blog that I can use as a springboard, which is what this post is about. I really want to write, and folks tell me I have something to say. So, as I said earlier, I am re-committing to the task, and with prayers and blessings, can work out a pretty decent book.