Monday, December 24, 2007

Tender Love

If you knew of the love that is held for you, and that there is nothing that you do, think, see, hear, feel that is not held in that compassionate embrace... You are loved with a love that you cannot even comprehend, and still you are loved.

Do not be too attentive to the things that you see around you. This is not your home. You reside in the infinite, and it is in that embrace that you are at home. When you seek the comforts of your perception, you are missing out on this awareness, yet it is still there, deep within you, and it will be brought to the surface in the way that you are turning.

When the fire is the hottest, never forget that it is but fire, and has no claim on you, and therefore cannot harm you at your most significant. This is what will move you from the place where you are to that experience of oneness that you so seek.

We have heard your cry, and our answer is tender love. You need nothing else, for that is what you are.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Will you tell more about how people can find the hope they need?

That is simple. Look within. You see, your kind is used to finding answers outside of themselves, when all the while, the answers they are seeking are already there. It is simple, but it is that your kind is not used to believing in the information that comes from within yourself.

You know this. All of your kind knows this. And they will recall that knowledge, and that will bring the hope they crave. You see, it is not difficult. It is not impossible. But it does mean to re-focus and re-look at the direction of your gaze and inquiry.

Your kind is on the brink of either coming to terms with your own nature, or falling into the sea to be washed away as so many others had before you arrived. It is not difficult, so you don’t have to make it so. Relax, and be aware that you are not the center of everything that you know. You are not the center.
See? That takes the burden off right away doesn’t it... Now you can relax into simply being and enjoying your being. You don’t have to go outside to fix it. Just be who you are. All that you need is within you. All that you want to know, it is there. But your task is to go within and see it - live it. It is not a hard task, because you know that when you take that step inward, what you will find is what you have wanted to find.

Be at peace. The changes you are seeing around you are just that - changes. It is inevitable that change occurs, but you need not fear it. Everything around you is changing because you yourself are changing.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

On the rocks and lava – see how things grow.

They are not stunted or weak.

There is robustness.

They find a foothold in the destruction of the land and grow strong, feeding from the earth-source – the nutrients in even what would appear lifeless. And in turn, they put back what is needed for further and future growth.

Take heart: What appears destroyed is but the rich soil of newness germinating and budding. Look for the signs around you and take heart.

See what slowing down will do?

Patience- you see the rock that cooled slowly – yet very quickly as earth measures her physical time - quick enough that no crystals formed – just the solid lava that you see.

I watched, and saw the distant ridge taken down in an instant. I felt the fall of thousands of giants, the rumble of their wanton destruction,

I myself have been cleaved and am but a part of what I was. The rest hauled off for some other rampart. My gleaming stone aged and discolored. My shine diminished.

Yet beneath this surface that you see, I gleam still. It is the nature of shining – One cannot see it until it is stripped of the outer stuff. But once wounded in such a way, the shine is brilliant and beautiful – clean and clear.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Watch the birds flying and lighting on the bushes and grasses of the places around you. Do you ever notice how they are constantly looking around them? You think it is because they are wary of being eaten and hurt. But it is not as much that as they just like to sit and look. They are air creatures and it is nice for them to just sit on something and see the world from the vantage point that we see the world.

Of course you will also notice that some birds are so unused to seeing from the earth plane that they still perch high in the tree tops and come down only if need requires. But they do like to sit and watch.

So be a bird-student. Perch in your bush and take time to watch what is around you. Enjoy the vantage point and see what you can see. If your vantage point is high in the treetops, then find a place that gives you that perspective. If lighting on the grasses brings you joy, then do that.

The important thing is to just let yourself have the time to look around and see. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of your surroundings.

Go. Find your branch and be there.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Seat of the Heart

There is a home that is within all things. It sits silently and patiently, waiting to be recognized, but never putting itself forward. This home is the seat of the heart. That place of ultimate love – ultimate compassion – where there is no distinction between soul and source. Come home for a while. Sit in wonder and awareness. Rest in that tender and loving knowing. It is there waiting for you.

There is much activity in what is around you and sometimes it seems that the activity is the most important thing. You are taught that, and you have learned it well. But see the beauty around you –this is no accident. It has been called into being and now you see it with not only your eyes, but also with your heart and soul. As pleasing to the spirit as it is, there is yet more. And you are just beginning to know it.

Enjoy the walk, for the path is a wondrous one and you will see many things familiar and unfamiliar to you. At the end of the day, it will all be familiar, and you will know that you have known for many lifetimes. Do that which pleases you and know that it also pleases the source. You and it are one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Conversation with a Land Spirit

"I live in the rise beyond the trees. I watch and see all that is around, and I see you."

Tell me something of hope for those who will read this.

"Tell of hope. I see my rocks laid bare as the softer stuff is blown away or washed away with wind and water. The life that clings to my surface clings with a robustness that allows it to flourish and grow strong roots that intertwine among my covered stone. You see some dead trees and waterless hillside, and I hold life itself. What you see and know is only a fleeting moment. Look beyond the moment and see the whole.

What you see is simply a moment in time. This was not always so, but has been carved and shaped and continues to be so changed. The hope is not in the appearance as it is, but in the trust that the process continues. It does continue, you know, and what seems apparent now, it is but a "now" and not the whole.

The process goes on in the way it has for more than you can remember in your form. You were here when it began, and you will be here also as it continues. As this changes, so you change also. But you still remain.

Hope is given. It is in your cells. It is integral to your constitution and governance of soul. You cannot depart from hope for you are never separate from it. You must remember this, because it is all too easy to think otherwise. But remember, you are more, and hope is not something you seek or find, it is simply there within your very being.

When you are who you are, it will be visible to you and to whatever is around you. Remember, it is not just your kind that this applies to, but all life, all spirit.

Remember this.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Seeding the Heart

It seems that time is changing. Not only in a "global warming" way, but also in how we experience time itself. You can see it in the aging trees. Check the newer rings. There is much change going on. In our lifetime there will be the opportunity to learn that there is no separation between what we can see with our eyes and what we can see with our hearts. It is all there. Many already have this awareness within their bodies and minds but it seems the clouds gather over the mountain of the soul and it is not easy to see the sun through such a canopy.

Removing the canopy – letting the winds of awareness bring the sun’s rays – that is the task much needed. Just as the light of the sun hitting the planet is lessening in these times, so the light illuminating the soul of people, plants and animals – the planet itself.

We sense this and know it is time to take a look at how to bring that light back.

The heart is the entry-way into consciousness – not the mind, like so many currently think. It is that entry-way into each creature, each cell, that holds the balance. Look to the heart. Humankind knew this once. But when we turned away from that heart-center and sought the center of the mind, we lost our way. We held the memory of the heart-center in the mysticism of our holy people and saints. We revered the heart, but kept the mind superior. See how far away from awareness it has led?

Now it is time to re-seed the heart. Watch what happens. All things do this. Not just humans, all things. You will find that you cannot give words to heart, only describe how it feels like. Words do not matter in awakening of consciousness. You are reading words, but you know that when you stop reading you will come to a point of no-word. No-thought. Simply a state of knowing and being – knowing the connection and being that connection.


Saturday, June 30, 2007


A few months ago, I received a letter from Rome saying that I was no longer a sister. This was the culmination of the struggle trying to stay true to my Path as a catholic sister and healing practitioner. It was made clear to me that the time had come to realize I did not fit within the structures as they are in religious life today. This process also led me to contemplate the nature of patriarchy and the emerging paradigm in which patriarcy seems such a relic of a worldview that is no longer in sync with the vibrations of the earth.

I love my sisters, and I consider myself still a sister to them, but without the "membership". It is the structure itself that I have learned is detrimental. Partriarchy imposed on women kills the spirit to a degree that I had not know could be. It robs us of our divine creativity and teaches us to defer to men and give to the masculine our power.

At Home Depot yesterday, I was getting some molding for a project I am working on and watched a woman about my age sawing a length of baseboard. She was doing fine until a man walked over and asked how she was doing. She immediately became clumsy and could not get the saw to cut smoothly. The man took over and she immediately gave up her effort and stepped aside.

A simple interaction, but it spoke volumes to me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Good Reading

I am reading "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter" by Sue Monk Kidd (She also wrote "The Secret Life of Bees". The book was loaned to me by a member of our drumming circle, and the timing could not have been more perfect.

For anyone out there is in the midst of tremendous life changes, you may be interested in reading this one. It has certainly helped me understand why I see things the way I do.

Kudos to Sue Monk Kidd!