Saturday, November 10, 2007

On the rocks and lava – see how things grow.

They are not stunted or weak.

There is robustness.

They find a foothold in the destruction of the land and grow strong, feeding from the earth-source – the nutrients in even what would appear lifeless. And in turn, they put back what is needed for further and future growth.

Take heart: What appears destroyed is but the rich soil of newness germinating and budding. Look for the signs around you and take heart.

See what slowing down will do?

Patience- you see the rock that cooled slowly – yet very quickly as earth measures her physical time - quick enough that no crystals formed – just the solid lava that you see.

I watched, and saw the distant ridge taken down in an instant. I felt the fall of thousands of giants, the rumble of their wanton destruction,

I myself have been cleaved and am but a part of what I was. The rest hauled off for some other rampart. My gleaming stone aged and discolored. My shine diminished.

Yet beneath this surface that you see, I gleam still. It is the nature of shining – One cannot see it until it is stripped of the outer stuff. But once wounded in such a way, the shine is brilliant and beautiful – clean and clear.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Watch the birds flying and lighting on the bushes and grasses of the places around you. Do you ever notice how they are constantly looking around them? You think it is because they are wary of being eaten and hurt. But it is not as much that as they just like to sit and look. They are air creatures and it is nice for them to just sit on something and see the world from the vantage point that we see the world.

Of course you will also notice that some birds are so unused to seeing from the earth plane that they still perch high in the tree tops and come down only if need requires. But they do like to sit and watch.

So be a bird-student. Perch in your bush and take time to watch what is around you. Enjoy the vantage point and see what you can see. If your vantage point is high in the treetops, then find a place that gives you that perspective. If lighting on the grasses brings you joy, then do that.

The important thing is to just let yourself have the time to look around and see. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of your surroundings.

Go. Find your branch and be there.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Seat of the Heart

There is a home that is within all things. It sits silently and patiently, waiting to be recognized, but never putting itself forward. This home is the seat of the heart. That place of ultimate love – ultimate compassion – where there is no distinction between soul and source. Come home for a while. Sit in wonder and awareness. Rest in that tender and loving knowing. It is there waiting for you.

There is much activity in what is around you and sometimes it seems that the activity is the most important thing. You are taught that, and you have learned it well. But see the beauty around you –this is no accident. It has been called into being and now you see it with not only your eyes, but also with your heart and soul. As pleasing to the spirit as it is, there is yet more. And you are just beginning to know it.

Enjoy the walk, for the path is a wondrous one and you will see many things familiar and unfamiliar to you. At the end of the day, it will all be familiar, and you will know that you have known for many lifetimes. Do that which pleases you and know that it also pleases the source. You and it are one.