Friday, December 25, 2009

In the desert where I live, it is a bit colder than usual for this time of year.
The snow has come and has gone,
robing the Mountain in majestic white.

I was not going to write something to send out this year,
but as Mr. Lennon once said,
Life is what happens
when you are busy making other plans...

He also once suggested that we give Peace a chance,
and encouraged us to see and vision
- to imagine -
a world in which all of us could experience true oneness,
happiness and joy.

Today, I beheld that wonderful diversity of the place where I live

And remembered.......

This is the one season of the year
in which so many diverse peoples
in so many parts of the planet
in the many wonderful ways
the coming and returning of Light.

In this time of year,
all of the holidays,
no matter what their origin,
or who borrowed what,
represent the global gathering of souls,
past and present,
who found reason to be especially aware
of the giftedness of life.
It is truly a magnificent celebration of life itself.

I celebrate with all of you,
in the many ways this time
and our many beliefs
call for us to celebrate,
and truly,
from my heart,
wish you wonder,
joy and peace
during this time of remembering
our unity and oneness.

To all the Web of Life,
I greet you as Sister and Kin.