Thursday, October 09, 2008

Old Souls

People with many interests who find it burdensome to sit in one place too long - these are the souls who are dreaming of home. Always with the thought that there is more, these beings have lived many many lives. There is nothing "new" for them - more a re-acquaintance. There is a look in their eyes that shows a deeper understanding of "what is", and they are easy to engage in spiritual discussion, for that is their true interest.

They are not necessarily in the spotlight, though some find themselves there not by their own desire, but in response to their life path. It is more common to find them living simpler lives. They have been on the stages before, perhaps for seveal lifetimes, and that focus no longer interests the. If they find themselves in the, these are the ones who will not be enamored and dazzled by what the spotlight brings. They prefer to simply observe what is going on around them, contributing and finding meaning, making a subtler difference but no longer feeling that they have to be the ones to change the world. At some point they come to the realization - they did that already.

The old souls are among us, as we are healed and nurtured in their presence, and in their being in our midst.

Sometimes it is disconcerting that they can seem so detached. They can appear so uninvolved at times, and it challenges the patience of others around them. This does not mean hey are without passion. Old souls are some of the most passionate beings on the planet. It is simply that their passion runs very deep and in that depth, the current i much slower. They are far more focused at hat level, though many tims they themselves are not aware of it.

The eyes and heart of older souls see a picture more vast. They do not have to work at it, it simply is the way they see. Experiencing for them involves using more than just the physical senses. It is more about recognizing the wholeness of the experience, not just the fragments. And this awareness and understanding brings for them a profound sense of humility and gratitude

Old souls want to go home. They understand thi physical life is but a moment in their very long incarnational existence, and this world of physicality is not their true home. They feel an attitude of stewardship, but ultimately it is just that, stewardship.

An they know that, although they refer to this and that, there is only this. They feel in their being that there is no separation in what is interior and what is exterior, and that these distinctions are only contrived. There is an acceptance about this awareness that enables sincere and genuine tolerance and acceptance of others. There is no longer the need to struggle for their thoughts and impressions to be heard by others. They know in their heart that ultimately all is brought into that awareness of oneness, and that is sufficient.

Old souls love life, but also love death. They are fuly engaged in physical life, but with the awareness of the death process. And they are not afraid of death. It is that threshold to home. One which they have walked through so many times before. They know what is there. There is no doubt, no hesitation, and no resistance. Many times, this is interpreted by others as a death wish, or a lack of a desire to live. For the old soul, it is simply the knowledge and understanding that there is really no death, and that what we see as an ending is simply a continuation. It does not bother an old soul when someone dies. They will feel the sadness of their loss, but they also understand that it is their loss that is saddening, not the passing of another. They will feel quietly the joy of the door opening, and will experience that touch of longing for home that death's reminder brings about. Old souls know how to be incarnate, and they have learned over and over what it is to be in physical form. They do not have the same stringent need to be imbodied as a learning experience and will oftentimes allow themselves to drift a bit. That far-away look sometimes is misleading. They are very much present, but "present" for them is not the same. Their sphere of being is much broader, and encompasses far more than just the physical plane.

Old souls incarnate for resolution, that sense of completion, of finally being full circle. There is a peacefulness and a wonder in old souls that reminds us all of the infinite beauty of lives lived.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So... how's your writing coming...?

A friend asked me that just the other day. I was embarrassed to admit I was having a lot of difficulty getting it started, although I have accumulated quite a few pages of material.

The person asking me that question is a published author, having written several books herself. She affirmed for me that getting a book started is one of the harder tasks in writing.

So, I came home re-committed to writing the book that, a year ago, I was convinced would be published by now. Still don't have the first line down, but I have decided to not let that be an issue.

I was told once (by the same person) that I needed to get the passion I have onto the page. That is the hardest part. Give me with a cup of tea and just mention the topics that interest me, and I can talk and share for days on end. Sit me down at a keyboard, and it is a whole different outcome.

Recording my workshops is an option. Tried that on several occasions. Problem is, I forget to turn the darned voice recorder on. That, I can work on.

And there's the blog that I can use as a springboard, which is what this post is about. I really want to write, and folks tell me I have something to say. So, as I said earlier, I am re-committing to the task, and with prayers and blessings, can work out a pretty decent book.