Sunday, April 04, 2010

April 4th 2010

Have you ever awakened feeling that at some significant level you have been renewed? Something during a long night has shifted and you feel spiritually refreshed, once again alive? Have you then reflected and realized that the awareness of your woundedness and hurt are still there, but that it no long has any power over you and that you are thriving and filled with joy?

Blessings to all of you in that celebration of life and renewal! May this day bring that deep contentment of knowing you are loved, and that you are essentially whole and divine. As you come out of that tomb into the light of a radiant day, recognize your new self and be at peace with the knowing that you are pure light after all.

To all you followers of the Cosmic Christ, blessings on this day of remembrance and resurrection. To those of other walks, blessings also on this day. We are all one and there is really no separation. So each of us, as we celebrate this time of year in our various ways, are given the same gift of life and wondrous mystery. May we be that for one another today.

Blessings and Light,