Monday, December 24, 2007

Tender Love

If you knew of the love that is held for you, and that there is nothing that you do, think, see, hear, feel that is not held in that compassionate embrace... You are loved with a love that you cannot even comprehend, and still you are loved.

Do not be too attentive to the things that you see around you. This is not your home. You reside in the infinite, and it is in that embrace that you are at home. When you seek the comforts of your perception, you are missing out on this awareness, yet it is still there, deep within you, and it will be brought to the surface in the way that you are turning.

When the fire is the hottest, never forget that it is but fire, and has no claim on you, and therefore cannot harm you at your most significant. This is what will move you from the place where you are to that experience of oneness that you so seek.

We have heard your cry, and our answer is tender love. You need nothing else, for that is what you are.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Will you tell more about how people can find the hope they need?

That is simple. Look within. You see, your kind is used to finding answers outside of themselves, when all the while, the answers they are seeking are already there. It is simple, but it is that your kind is not used to believing in the information that comes from within yourself.

You know this. All of your kind knows this. And they will recall that knowledge, and that will bring the hope they crave. You see, it is not difficult. It is not impossible. But it does mean to re-focus and re-look at the direction of your gaze and inquiry.

Your kind is on the brink of either coming to terms with your own nature, or falling into the sea to be washed away as so many others had before you arrived. It is not difficult, so you don’t have to make it so. Relax, and be aware that you are not the center of everything that you know. You are not the center.
See? That takes the burden off right away doesn’t it... Now you can relax into simply being and enjoying your being. You don’t have to go outside to fix it. Just be who you are. All that you need is within you. All that you want to know, it is there. But your task is to go within and see it - live it. It is not a hard task, because you know that when you take that step inward, what you will find is what you have wanted to find.

Be at peace. The changes you are seeing around you are just that - changes. It is inevitable that change occurs, but you need not fear it. Everything around you is changing because you yourself are changing.